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Kinesiology Health Clinic


Kinesiology is ideal for baby's and children of all ages because it is gentle, specific, educational and fun:

For baby's and little children I use surrogate testing – we do this when a person is unable to be tested, (e.g. we can't ask a baby or injured person to hold up their arms for muscle testing).


The baby is often asleep while either Mum or Dad are tested on behalf of their child. Infants are often busy looking at a picture book while we gain valuable information through the biofeedback process. Older children love to be involved and in 'charge' and are more likely to be willing to give certain foods a 'miss for a while' when they experience how a particular food makes them 'weak'.

Another advantage is that elimination diets are time consuming and hard to implement with children; often an allergen may still be missed if the response is delayed. Sophisticated blood tests are often expensive and cannot assist you in overcoming the inappropriate immune response or immune mismatch response (IMR). The skin prick test may pick up only a certain % of food allergies (IgE initiated) and may not detect food intolerances.

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 Is your baby or child affected by allergies or food intolerances?

Skin rashes coving most areas of the body