You may find yourself procrastinating to start or to continue your spiritual journey – often we feel we are to busy to put time aside for 'that stuff' and any attempt to meditate is greeted by the never-ending inner chatter of your mind or you may simply not know where to begin.

One of the most amazing gifts kinesiology has to offer is that we can establish communication to our so-called Higher Self, Spiritual Self, Super-conscious aspect, innate Intelligence - whatever name you wish to give it. I use PKP's spiritual modes and a wide range of other spiritual tools such as guided visualisations, inspirational writings and very a specific system to get you into this contact with your 'spiritual side'.

What could be more important than to learn how to connect to that dimension of your being that 'knows' who you really are and through this to become able to live your live to the fullest in a struggle-dominated world?

If you see your circumstances as a grind then they are. If, on the other hand, the same circumstances could be turned into a gift, then they will become your opportunity to turn something 'bad' into something 'good'.