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Nutrition and health are the subject of many books and publications, and the question how to eat right is answered very differently, sometimes even contradictory:

Some authors recommend to eat only raw foods while others recommend to eat only cooked meals, some think it is best to mix foods as much as possible while others warn against combining different kind of foods, such as fruit and grain. Some experts praise the wonderful effect of dairy products while the next claims dairy may cause author recommends to eat nothing in the morning because the body is cleansing during this time of day while his colleague states that breakfast is the most important meal of the day...

This could be quite funny, if it wouldn't create the general confusion about nutrition! Often, when clients come to see me, they have been reluctant to change anything because they didn't know wich expert's got it 'right'!

Stop confusion: Learn to trust your individual needs and your inner knowing about nutrition!

Take a closer look: Many of the different forms of diet have a few things in common – these commonalities get confirmed whenever I work with clients and get into touch with their innate intelligence.

These are:

This is the basis of healthy nutrition most nutritional experts agree to. In addition a kinesiology consultation can give you specific feedback that will be according to your age, body size, level of activity, stress-levels and state of health.

Find out about:

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Are you confused?

Nutrition and Kinesiology