Did you know that around 95% of what you feel, do, say, think and believe has its origin in your subconscious mind?

Your subconscious mind could be described as a programmable 'hard-drive' in which all your life experiences are 'downloaded' – that means your subconscious stores memories as data exactly the way your experience was perceived by you – that in turn, was greatly influenced by the beliefs of the people that surrounded you.

Once born, the fundamental beliefs and behaviours of people that surrounded you were downloaded subconsciously; this is Nature's way to ensure that you 'fit in' or, in other words that you are 'well equipped to   match your environment'. However, as you grow into an adolescent you find that the way you behave and what you feel is often not in alignment with what you consciously want and desire.

I use the amazing and time-saving techniques of what could be described as 'energy psychology'.

Through the use of muscle testing I can become quickly aware of underlying sabotage programs or limiting beliefs and assist you to let go of them.

These techniques (and other transformational tools I use) offer holistic and new ways to bring what you consciously want to achieve and your subconscious 'data' about it, into alignment.