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What is kinesiology?”
Kinesiology is a holistic, complementary health practice that uses muscle testing / monitoring as a primary feedback tool to access information about a person's well-being. Kinesiology offers amazing insights into the body-mind connection and combines western and eastern healing knowledge to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
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“How do you treat disease?”
As a Registered Kinesiologist and NLP Practitioner I offer Energy- and Information Medicine based consultations that use the knowlegde and techniques from Kinesiology, NLP, Meditation, Colour Therapy, Nutrition, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Healing with Symbols, Vibrational Essences, Spiritual Healing and Bio-Resonance – all recognised as complementary, alternative health care options. These methods and techniques are used to restore and harmonise the client's own body energy fields or a profound change of perspective and so do not constitute allopathic medical treatment. I do not 'treat' or diagnose disease.

My work complements western medicine and does not replace it. For example, during an emergency you need access to first class medical care and not colour therapy.

While modern medicine offers hi-tech diagnostic tools and offers powerful symptom relieving drugs, there is a growing desire to look further. I support working together with doctors – I can't replace their work but greatly assist it. My passion is for you to experience modern, educational, energy- based health care that assists you to heal yourself.

“How does muscle testing work?”
In energetic kinesiology we don't test for muscle strength but are interested in the neurological aspects of muscle testing / monitoring.
Because your nervous system is extremely sensitive and instantly registers anything it is exposed to, a wide variety of possible stress-causing factors that can be detected: for example (physical, nutritional, energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects). Any factor tested is either causing stress (= the indicator muscle unlocks, no matter how muscularly strong the person may be) or will show as a locking muscle, (= no stress is involved). For more info, click here (link to Biofeedback for health)

“How can a muscle be affected by what I'm thinking or feeling?”
Clients often wonder how can an emotion that they are feeling right now (e.g. worry), or that they felt about something that happened in the past (or the anticipation of a future event), make their muscle go 'weak' or 'strong' when tested?
There is an area in the brain called the limbic brain – this subconscious area controls our emotions. What is known is that there are direct neurological connections between the limbic brain and those pathways that control our muscle tone and tension:This is why your stomach feels like a knot or your knees get wobbly when you worry about something or feel anxious.
Your body feels like this because the part of the brain that controls our physical and emotional survival programs also affects our muscular system. Another example would be if you see someone with slumped shoulders and drooped head and compare it to someone with a straight, open posture - you know instinctively something about how this person is feeling!

“Are the modalities you use scientific? It's hard to believe in this energy 'stuff' ”
For a long time concepts such as 'healing energy' or 'life force' have been considered too controversial, unorthodox or even quackish by 'serious' conventional medicine. However times are changing in a big way:
Ancient healing knowledge recorded in the east, modern medical researchers with outstanding credentials, and energy therapists around the world have made discoveries about the body, healing and health that are beginning to validate one another !!!
For those clients who are 'scientifically minded', I recommend the following literature to open your mind to a whole new, exciting and scientific way to explore the human body and how it is impacted upon by 'energy medicine' modalities such as kinesiology, pranic-healing, quantum touch, vibrational essences etc.:

'Energy Medicine – the scientific basis' by James L. Oschman, PhD (cellular biologist & physiologist)

'A revolutionary way of thinking ' by Dr. Charles Krebs, PhD (Professor of Biology)

'Molecules of emotion – the science behind mind-body medicine' by Candace B. Pert

'Biology of Belief' by Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD

'Vibrational Medicine' by Richard Gerber, M.D