Nutrition & Kinesiology



The way we respond to food varies for each person, just like our fingerprints.

Are you fed up with digestive issues, non-conclusive tests, elimination diets and yet another nutritional trend that isn’t working? Find exactly which factors are causing your digestive problems, detect food intolerances and heal your gut, so you can be totally clear of what it is YOUR body needs to restore its foundation to optimum health again.

Eating ‘right’ – from confusion to clarity

Have you ever asked yourself why new diet recommendations appear all the time, for example “no grain vs whole grain, vegan vs paleo”? This is because no one eating plan works for everyone because each person’s microbiome, history, circumstances are unique

  • Different nutritional approaches can help some and may not be ideal for others: your body knows what works best for YOU; consult your own inner ‘health expert’ through a kinesiology consultation.

Your body knows!

Functional kinesiology offers the mind-boggling and effective union of old and new paradigms of science and the ancient healing know-how of the wise ones. Let your body  determine which of the proven nutritional medicine factors to healing the gut are applicable to you and which aren’t.

  • Experience a weak or strong bio-energetic response from your body to indicate food sensitivities, immune stressors, emotional blocks, product biocompatibility and more.

A healthy gut – why your health depends on it

Have you ever heard that “all disease begins in your gut”? Now this age-old observation gets now confirmed by the latest findings in functional medicine: one major key to good health is a healthy microbiome and it’s not ‘just’ about your digestion: there’s a link between your immune system, your brain-gut connection for mental health and performance, the link to auto-immune disorders and more. Now it’s time to restore and optimize your digestive system.

  • Common issues that frequently show here are chronic stress, gut dysbiosis, toxins, yeast overgrowth, inflammation, parasitic energy, allergies, additives, aldehydes and many other factors that can be healed

Food – let it be your medicine

Hippocrates’ famous quote is more relevant than ever; discover food’s healing magic and little-known facts that will empower you

  • Detect and overcome food sensitivities
  • Probiotics, do you need supplementation & what to look for when choosing them
  • Nutritional supplements: avoid wasting your money on useless products and reap the benefits by being able to discern the essential product/s for YOU; find the optimum dosage and period of time the body requires the supplemental support