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Natural health therapy that encompasses the whole person

Kinesiology Health Clinic is about your health, it's about understanding your symptoms as messages, designed for you to take notice that something is not in balance, needs changing. The information that is shared here and the health care that is offered, developed out of a keen interest that started almost 3 decades ago:
While people often had a symptomatic approach to overcome their health challenge (and this approach has its place), my work is about complementing western medicine in a holistic, effective and valuable way. For instance, you know that stress is affecting your health and you've been told to reduce it only to find yourself repeating old patterns? Also common: You know that you 'should be positive' but it seems too easy to run out of 'positiveness', especially when you are not well. With persistent symptoms or emotional patterns, it is most effective to consider the interconnectedness between BODY, MIND & SOUL.

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About the practitioner


My name is Verena Stevenson, my interest in complementary health care first started as a teenager when I was desperately looking for a way to heal my own chronic health issues… Eventually, this has led me to the amazing, empowering tools I am working with today. Throughout the years I developed a special interest in chronic cases; especially symptoms resistant to change make me yearn for deeper understanding... what makes people heal?

I am excited about using transformational modalities for complementary health - & healing care and personal development in an open-hearted and compassionate way. It's a privilege to be able to connect to a person's inner wisdom to awaken more choice, hope and healing."


Qualifications & Training


(Registered with the Kinesiology Practitioner Board & the Natural Health Council of New Zealand)


  • International Diploma in Kinesiology / Registered Kinesiologist – NZRK


  • Quantum Reflex Analysis


  • NLP Practitioner


  • Pranic Healing Practitioner


  • Educator

Client Feedback

I recently saw Verena for a Kinesiology balancing session regarding a condition I had previously seen different medical doctors for in the past 3 years but without success!

When I saw Verena I was feeling quite stressed regarding my situation because my issue had gotten worse in previous months. She had great understanding, eased my feeling of helplessness and guided me in her warm and calm manner through the balancing session.

The session felt very professional and nurturing. Afterwards I felt immediately a big relief as I discovered the underlying cause for my health issue. I left Verena’s clinic room with new hope and feeling already much lighter and happier inside. Starting a few days later I could feel obvious changes and improvement. The improvement and healing continued over a few weeks and felt really magical to me. When I later went to see a specialist doctor (my GP had already previously referred me to), the specialist could not find any noteworthy condition of concern anymore and could only agree with me that the Kinesiology session must have nailed the issue successfully - allowing the complete disappearance of the symptom.

Thank you so much Verena for your help and the amazing work you did. I am over the moon that after all this time, I finally found a capable practitioner in you who could help me to overcome this difficult to nail health issue. I can only recommend Verena and the modality Kinesiology to anybody who is seeking health and healing on all layers of the body system - not only the physical.

S. H. Auckland